The lesson of the field of Daffodils

IMG_2590Yesterday I went into my favorite store, Trader Joe’s where I buy all my flowers.  I saw the prettiest daffodils. There were bright yellow with beautiful orange centers, I thought” these are the cutest flowers I have ever seen, I can’t wait to get them home and on my kitchen table.” Then one of the ladies who works in the flower department said ” be careful you can’t put those with any other flowers, they will kill them.” I was like, how could something so simple and pretty be dangerous?

Just then my angels began to speak” You see how those simple , pretty flowers can be bad? The same goes for people you  have to be aware of who you surround yourself with, the energy of other people can affect and kill your dreams. Be careful who you share your spirit with,  protect the vision you hold for your life.  Because just like one little daffodil can kill a bed of roses, one negative person has the ability to change your path if you allow.”


We all want what we want, RIGHT? But it seems like we have the hardest time getting it. Many times we are taught by our Spiritual teachers that we have to “let go”, “don’t be attached to the outcome”, “it will happen when the time is right”. For the most part that is true. We have to let go, but it is not that simple.
I am so fascinated with the process of manifestation, and the creation process. I wanted to learn how to co-create my life. In my search I studied, prayed, talked to my mentor, and read everything I could get my hands on.

Here’s what I know for sure.
You have to hold on to your vision; you have to see it, be it, walk in it, act as if it exists. You have to speak it into existence, spend time with it, feel it. Once you do that, you pray about it and you release it. You let it go, you give thanks for its completion and then you give thanks for it. Every time you think about it, you give thanks for it. You see, God can’t work things out if you’re holding on to it. You have to trust that he’s got it — and yeah he’s got this and so much more. Believe this and in doing so you move out of the way. It doesn’t mean that you don’t want it anymore, it means simply you trust the process and it is done, NEXT!
I want the dream life, my dream life, the vision that I see for myself. I have tried many things and I can tell you this for a fact, NOTHING will manifest until you release the outcome. You get up, get out and give it your all, play hard, plan big and then let go. Let the Universe align and work it out for you. If you could have done it, it would be done RIGHT?
Step aside and allow your heavenly staff to work for you, give them space:)
Mucho Love,

The Miracle of Dreams



When I was little, I always wanted to be famous. A singer, actress, someone rich. I don’t think that I was really that far off from other girls in my era. I use to sing and dance and pretend that I was on stage. When I would tell people about my dreams this is what i would hear. “You are trying to live beyond your means” “That will never happen” ” How are you gonna do that?” So my dreams would be crushed for that day, but the next day I was back at it.  Once I became a spiritualist and begin to study the laws of the universe and the word of God, I began to realize that sometimes you have to hold your dreams close to you. You have to keep them between you and spirit. You have to treasure your dreams, live in your dreams and most importantly expect your dreams. No one knows what dream God has placed in you heart, but once you real ease it to those who may not be dreamers you leave room for them to crush it.

As I grew up my dreams changed, I had a very different vision for myself and I began to embrace God’s vision for my life and I can truly tell you I am living my dreams and you can to.


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2013 in Review

My goodness, so many wonderful things happen to me this year, I don’t even know where to start but I will just break this into a couple of post, I have manifested so much travel this year, I love to travel and I  was able to do some wonderful things.


I am so thankful I went to places I have never been like Boston, Ma, Rockford , IL Chicago IL. I was able to go back to place I love Montego Bay, Ja( I was able to stay in a resort for 10 days for free), Orlando, FL, Houston, TX, Las Vegas, NV.


 I was able to see someone I love in concert, I got my dream car. I know that this may sound a bit like bragging but it’s not what I am telling you is that God is still in the blessing business, he is still allowing miracles to happen in your everyday life. You just have to believe that it is psooble because you truly only get what you believe you will.