Full Moon Ritual


happyThe Full Moon is a powerful time for releasing.  If  you have taken any of my intentions classes or workshops I always talk about how the energies of the moon is powerful with your intentions. This is a perfect time for releasing things that no longer serve your highest good.

Take the time tonight to use the energies of the full moon to let go of patterns that maybe keeping you from your highest good. As well as letting go of the past, ask Arch Angel Michael to cut all cords to any toxic situations you may be holding on to and be willing to forgive. If you are focusing on weight release ask Arch Angel Raphael to dissolve all unhealthy habits or additions.

If you are not quite sure what you need to release ask God to give your clarity and give your Angels permission to heal and help you release all things that may be affecting your higher calling, know that God and his mighty Angels stand by your side always. God is love and you are loved unconditionally.

Here is a great way to get started: You will need:

A quiet space

Pen and  Paper

Candles, music, or whatever relaxes you

5-15 minutes

Next: Get comfortable, remove all distraction. Ask yourself, ” What do I want to release?” ” What do I need to release?’ ” What no longer serves?’  Make a list, if you feel fear in ANY area.. release it.  It can be a person, a place or a thing or even a habit. … Be clear, be specific, and be careful. This is a powerful ritual and a powerful time. Sit and face the moon, close your eyes and affirm, I now release and let go of anything that does not serve my highest and best good.

Read your list aloud, then affirm, I now give myself permission to let go, to release and to be set free. Repeat this 3-6 times until you feel the shift.  Burn or bury your paper. Give thanks !

Let me know if you have any questions!

With extreme love,

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Don’t give up five minutes before your miracle.



1New podcast! Don’t give up five minutes your miracle. We all want what we want and we want it NOW! Many times right before the universe is ready to delivery we give up. In this podcast my angels and I give you a few tips on how to stand firm in your faith and belief! http://bit.ly/1YdCXPj

Detoxing Your Life



Everybody is talking about detoxing their  bodies. Juicing, cleansing etc.  Some people are willing to do anything to get the perfect body. They have surgery, injections, work out like crazy.  They sacrifice and do whatever it takes to look as perfect as they can. Do we ever think of detoxing our lives, clearing and cleaning out out minds of negativity?  If you are holding on to anger, hurt, or the past, you may need to consider detoxing your spirit. I know that many of you will ask, how do I do that? Take inventory of those friends and family members that poison our lives with drama and madness? Why is it that we will do whatever we have to do for our outer appearance but we forget our spirit?

Look at what’s working and whats not? What makes you feel great, what makes you happy? Do you have people or things in your life that are hindering your spiritual growth?  If you are feeling trapped in relationships and places that don’t promote your highest good, its time for a detox  your life.

The Miracle Daniel


This week I have been reading the book of Daniel. Now I have read this book many of times before and every time I take away something different. So this time I thought I would share. Daniel was one of the greatest prophets in the bible, God has blessed him with great wisdom.   In Daniel the 4th chapter, the King had a dream, He was troubled by those dreams and he called Daniel to interpreted them for him. Now he know the type of God that Daniel served, a mighty, powerful, awesome, wonderful God, but yet he refused to acknowledge him. Even after Daniel told this guy that he would lose everything, wonder around like a wild animal , eat grass with the cows…… This guy still refused to serve the Great and Almighty God….  So it happen and for 7 years he lost everything.. The minute he turned to God, he restored him…..

What am I trying to say ….

There are so many times in our lives that God will give us the “warning” he will give us the signs and we just chose to act like we don’t hear or we don’t know. So then he shows us. But he is so graceful the minute we say” I’m sorry, forgive me” he restores us. What a great and awesome Father we have!!!

Why not You?


Why is it that some people believe that only certain people are entitled to the good stuff? I hear all the time things like” That will never happen to me”, ” I have been working so hard and nothing good has panned out”, “Well they just got lucky” being successful has nothing to do with luck. Being successful and having the life that you want has everything t o do with how much you want it. Now hold on a second I can hear you now ” How badly I want it!!!! I want it real bad!!!!!” I understand that, but what are you doing to get it? Do you spend at least 15 minutes a day 2 times a day focusing on your desires? Do you have them written down? Do you read them aloud and visualize yourself in the place that you desire? That is what I mean how bad do you want it? You must put the work in to began the manifestation process, here are a few steps that I teach my clients.

1) Know what you want and WHY you want it

2) Become passionate about it, see it, feel it.

3) Tell God ( the universe , the divine. your source) how you plan to help make things better for others once your goal is achieved and MEAN it!


5) Give thanks as if it is already arrived

These are just a few of the things that will help you jump start the process of having the life that you desire. Any and everyone has the ability through faith and belief to have the life they desire. So you tell me why not you??

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