Love is All you Need



636060504413806014-19738342_Love-Wallpapers-HeartsLately things have been feeling a bit tense. There are a lot of negative vibrations within the universe and it seems that it just doesn’t stop. No matter where you turn someone is saying something harsh. So as I begin to pray and ask what can we do about all this hatred and anger, my Angels said to me love..

So because I have heard this from them many of times before, I ask but what if love is not enough this time? There was silence. Martha came forth and said “love is always enough but some people never truly experience love, they think they love, they say they love but they never truly experience unconditional love. The love that needs no words to be felt is the love that heals and with this love the world can heal and be repaired.”

Needless to say I was amazed (as I always am when my Angels come through) and I begin to think about the countless people who come to me to receive messages from their loved ones who have passed over, messages of love and how this love transformed them right before my eyes, or how a child is born and the moment the mother holds it, the bond is strong without a word. That’s love.

This is the kind of love the world needs now and the only way the world can receive it is if we all lower our guards down and open our hearts. Before you speak, before you act, think about what would love do? How would you treat and react to someone you truly love? Ask yourself in order to handle this situation in Love what should I do? What should I say? Before you react, breathe and ask the Angels of love to surround you so you may react in love. We have had enough of the harsh hatred, it is time to sow in Love. Stand with me in Love today..
With Extreme Love


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Message from the Divine

Monday Morning Message: Last night as I was driving home from my son’s basketball game, the angels begin to speak, this is the message:
In life we come forth for a purpose, Everything that we are and will be is part of your Soul’s Blueprint. A blue print that is established before you come to this earth plane. One that your have made with your Higher Self( your spirit). We are given our life assignments however, we are also given FREE WILL. Because God loves us so much he gives us the gift of choice and by those choices we change our blueprint… Sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. The lesson here is that no matter where you are in this earthly life you are still spiritually connected to the Divine Source of the Universe. God… and at any time on this earthly journey that you are not satisfied or happy it is your Soul calling you back to your true and Divine purpose on this planet. You may have to release somethings, some people or even the way you are thinking. However you can realign yourself with your Soul’s purpose and get back on track… It is never too late.. May the love of God surround you this day…
Mucho Love,

Weekly Miracle tip

Miracle Tip of the day:Every thought that you think is creating your life. If you want to manifest quickly take 5-10 minutes a day think about things that make you happy. After your feeling good. Close your eyes and visualize what you desire, don’t stay there too long. Once you see it and your feeling great about it, open your eyes and give thanks. 


We all want what we want, RIGHT? But it seems like we have the hardest time getting it. Many times we are taught by our Spiritual teachers that we have to “let go”, “don’t be attached to the outcome”, “it will happen when the time is right”. For the most part that is true. We have to let go, but it is not that simple.
I am so fascinated with the process of manifestation, and the creation process. I wanted to learn how to co-create my life. In my search I studied, prayed, talked to my mentor, and read everything I could get my hands on.

Here’s what I know for sure.
You have to hold on to your vision; you have to see it, be it, walk in it, act as if it exists. You have to speak it into existence, spend time with it, feel it. Once you do that, you pray about it and you release it. You let it go, you give thanks for its completion and then you give thanks for it. Every time you think about it, you give thanks for it. You see, God can’t work things out if you’re holding on to it. You have to trust that he’s got it — and yeah he’s got this and so much more. Believe this and in doing so you move out of the way. It doesn’t mean that you don’t want it anymore, it means simply you trust the process and it is done, NEXT!
I want the dream life, my dream life, the vision that I see for myself. I have tried many things and I can tell you this for a fact, NOTHING will manifest until you release the outcome. You get up, get out and give it your all, play hard, plan big and then let go. Let the Universe align and work it out for you. If you could have done it, it would be done RIGHT?
Step aside and allow your heavenly staff to work for you, give them space:)
Mucho Love,

God Is


Today I have been feeling like things are about to take a big shift, I feel that Gods is on the verge of doing some wonderful things for those who believe, and have faith. As much as life is changing, I feel that God is about to change the life of people, those people who have held on and trusted that he will do just what he says he will. Whether you recognize it as God, Your Hight Power, Source Energy it is truly all the same for God is the master of the Universe and he is going to open the flood gates. Stay Faithful:)

Me and my Angels

Hi my name is Fran, I hear, communicate and talk to Angels…  My life is somewhat different than I had planned, you see I just wanted to be normal, a normal girl doing normal things and living a normal life. That is not what God had planned for me, you see at a very young age, I realized that I knew things about people, I could touch their hands and know their whole life. I was born with an discernment of the spirit, blessed with the gift of sight. Back when I was younger they called it the gift of prophecy, I am an old time spiritualist, living in a new age world. My mom, grandmother and great grandmother all have the gift. I now see it in my 10 year old son and my older daughters are like no way. If you ever seen the movie “Eves Bayou” that is much of what my family was like without the voodoo. My great grandmother was an herbalist, my grandmother was a psalmist and my mom was a spiritual healer. So not only is it in my blood but it was in my life from the time I cam remember. So here I am.