The Power is in the Word


What kind of world do you want to live in? I mean really want to live in? Well, you can just look around and see for yourself, because you are living it! And if you decide that you don’t like what you see, you can change it.

As human beings, we are amazing creations, with enormous creative capacity and potential. Enormous. When you wake up in the morning, do you feel that? Do you say to yourself, “Good morning world, I am poised to create today!”?

There is an infinite sea of possibility and potential, called Heaven ( Universe, Higher Power, Source Energy), which is always available and present around us. All we need to do is turn our awareness to it, open the spigot, and use our thoughts and words to transform ‘potential’ to the art form which is our life.



I invite you to listen carefully to yourself and observe how you use your words throughout the day. Are you empowering yourself and expressing Truth? That would sound like speaking and thinking affirmatively: “I am a perfect child of God,” “I bless and take care of my body,” “The Father and I are One” “I see the Christ in him/her,” It would mean avoiding the temptation to use our thoughts and words to ‘be right’ or to make ourselves and others wrong.

Even the small stuff matters. Remember, we shape our world with our thoughts and words. In essence, we are sculptors, and like Michelangelo who brought David into form out of a block of stone, we can bring a beautiful world that works for all into form.




So what is stopping you? Start today to use the power of your word to speak the Truth about yourself and others, and give life and form to your authentic self.

With Loads of Love,

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the-girls-at-the-beauty-bar-truly-care-about-your-skin-and-its-needs-dg2q3u-clipartthe-girls-at-the-beauty-bar-truly-care-about-your-skin-and-its-needs-dg2q3u-clipartDrop me a line and let me know what you think about this blog! 

New Moon Tonight


So it is the 4th of July, but guess what — it is also a New Moon. The Moon holds the great vibrational energy for changing your life. This is a perfect time to put into the universe all the things that you desire and all the new things that you want in your life. It is a great time to create intentions and manifestations, to  get clear about your goals. Being clear about your goals is so important because the more clarity you have, the sooner they appear in your life; therefore, with the new moon energy, it is a perfect time to sit down and clear your mind and think about the things that you truly would like to appear in your life.
What is it that you really, really want? Don’t be afraid to dream big. Don’t play small with the new moon. Be very accurate and be very specific about what you want to show up in your life. If you want a new home, if you want a new lover, if you want a new business, more spiritual grounding, more wisdom, whatever it is, tonight is the time to ask. And here’s the great part, you have approximately 48 hours from a new Moon to complete your list.
So a lot of you have things going on with your families and you are celebrating the 4th of July. Don’t fret, don’t worry. Make sure though when you are ready, get someplace quiet where you won’t be disturbed. Get your pencil and paper and ask yourself: What do I really want in my life? What is it that I really would like to have? Write down what your life looks like and what you want right at this moment. Then fold it up. Make sure that you fold it toward you because symbolically, in the spiritual realm, when you write a petition or any goal, list, or anything that you want to accomplish, you fold it toward you. So make sure you fold your list toward you and put it in either a red,  purple,  or a green envelope depending on what your goals are. If you have my intention envelopes , tonight would be a great time to use the red ones for love. If you want more money, you use the green ones tonight if you want more clarity use the purple.
Happy manifesting guys and remember there is a powerful energy in the New Moon.

With Loads of Love,

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Weekly Angels Speak Message

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Angels Speak


For many years I have heard the voices of Angels. I have used my gift of intuition to help many, many, people on their journey to higher consciousness, self worth, value, and love. Through this process I have help myself by seeking a deeper closer connection to the spirit of God. I actually crave and thirst for his knowledge the knowing that there is something so much greater working then we could ever understand. I am so thankful that I have been chosen as a vessel but I am more thankful that I finally excepted the calling that God has on my life to be a light.. To shine in a world full of darkness and judgement. To stand on purpose and go forth finally realizing what matter is that I answer my souls calling and fulfill my purpose on this earth. I am so thankful for my angels they are wonderfully awesome beings who have guided and directed me through some great changes and some huge challenges. But one thing has stood true even in my worst times they never left me.. I encourage you today to connect with your angels. Get to know them, ask them for help. You will be amazed at what they can and will do in your life.

Message from the Divine

Monday Morning Message: Last night as I was driving home from my son’s basketball game, the angels begin to speak, this is the message:
In life we come forth for a purpose, Everything that we are and will be is part of your Soul’s Blueprint. A blue print that is established before you come to this earth plane. One that your have made with your Higher Self( your spirit). We are given our life assignments however, we are also given FREE WILL. Because God loves us so much he gives us the gift of choice and by those choices we change our blueprint… Sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. The lesson here is that no matter where you are in this earthly life you are still spiritually connected to the Divine Source of the Universe. God… and at any time on this earthly journey that you are not satisfied or happy it is your Soul calling you back to your true and Divine purpose on this planet. You may have to release somethings, some people or even the way you are thinking. However you can realign yourself with your Soul’s purpose and get back on track… It is never too late.. May the love of God surround you this day…
Mucho Love,

Hello August 




Well we’re here! Hello August ! I am so excited about this month, let me tell you why. We are in a 8 year per numerology. Number 8 resonates with the influences and vibrations of authority and personal power, self-confidence, spiritual confidence, inner-strength, and material freedom, success, good judgement, money, finances, riches, manifesting wealth, abundance and prosperity, provision, investments, discrimination and discernment, giving and receiving, thoroughness.  


As you know the number 8 represent  infinite blesssings in every area of your life. The number 8 is never ending as is this marvelous universe that we live it. Now we are in the 8 month which is double infinity!!! Mystic say that the number 8 carries the vibration of plenty, plenty, plenty and  my Angels tell me this month is going to be powerful!! If you are looking for an increase in your life incorporate the 8’s in your life.



Here are a few ways to;

* Place the number 8 around our home over doorways ie your front and back entrance. The entryway to your home office if you have one.

* Place the number eight in your wallet where you carry your money.

*Put the number 8 on your computer where you work and pay your bills.


If you are really ready for a great shift in your in your life check out my online class Manifesting Miracles 


Lets create some magic,

Mucho Love,


The Miracle of Love Channeled Message

Unknown-3Years ago, I often wonder why my mother  would say ” it’s all about the love, do it all in love” I really didn’t understand why she was saying. After years of studying and embracing my spirituality and my gifts, i hear my Angels talk about love more than anything,  I would like to share the channelled message about love I received today:

Love is a healing force like no other, not only for you, for others as well. Giving and receiving love is the connection of our spirits to one another. In life sometimes you experience things that cause you pain, at that point you have a choice and if you chose to act  in love you restore the flow of the Divine energy within you. Love is the most powerful force in the universe, it breaks barriers and unites us as one. Allow love to lead you, to guide you and to move freely through you to everyone that you meet. It then returns to you.

I am thankful for the gift of love within me, for the ability to love in the mist of pain, trials and tribulation, I am thankful for the ability to love those who judge, hate, mock or dislike me. I am thankful for the love of God in my heart because it truly is the most powerful force.

Mucho Love,

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