The Miracle of Spiritual Solutions

I thought I would sit and write while I had a second, I am in the process relocating. Things are always a bit crazy when you are moving but I felt the need to share the story around the move. For about 1 1/12 I have been in a struggle over my home. I was in what felt like the  fight of my life. I  dug my feet in and I refused to give up because I felt that I was right. So for a year of my life I was in battle. Every time I thought of it I would  become upset.  Going a bit further back maybe 5 years ago I was praying and asking God to give me peace the kind of peace that only he could give me, within weeks I had a peace that nothing could disturb. Even in the mist of the storms in my life ( and we all have a few) I was at peace.  However this house thing was disturbing my peace. I mean I thought about all the money I had put into this home, I thought about all the years and the love I had put into this home to just walk away? Nah that wasn’t gonna happen….


One night I was awaken from my sleep. I heard the voice of the Angels say” Is it really worth it, is it worth your peace? What if God has something  so much better  and you are standing in the way of that? What if it is time for you to go so that you can elevate to your next level in life?  Is it worth it?”

That night I let it go, I gave it to God, I didn’t know how it would work out but what I realize is that it is not my problem. If I truly trusted God to do what was best for me, all I had to do was follow his lead and let go.

Today I am writing this from my new home, looking out over my deck at the lake thinking ” There is always a spiritual solution”

Mucho Love


Miracle in Forgiveness

ImageBlessed a home today in which the husband was having an affair, so there was a lot of bitterness and resentment going on although they were trying to work things out. After blessing the house the Angels gave them this message,” Forgiveness is the purest form of love, you either forgive and continue or forgive and move forward apart but you must forgive.” The wife admitted that she had not forgiven her husband. Forgiveness is one of you greatest gifts to you, you take back your power when you forgive and you give yourself permission to be free.