Angels Speak Weekly Forecast

What the Angels what you know.



21 days of angel messages

Yesterday a received a message that I was to share #21 days of #angelsspeak messages. My angels give me wonderful insight and I am delighted to share it with you in hopes that it will make your life a little easier and helps you to create a relationship with your angels. With mucho love❤️❤️❤️ Day 1 #21daysofangelsmessages  

The Miracles of Prayer


There are truly some days that I cannot take another thing, not one more thing I tell you! Most of the time I notice that those days occur when I don’t get up early enough to spend  time with God in the morning.  When I look over my life, I realize that it is a result of my prayers, my thoughts, my words. when we chose to see God, serve God, follow God and walk on purpose it doesn’t mean that everything in life will be perfect, but what it does mean is that you will have the resources and the help of heavenly staff. If you began to make your request known, to pray, to communicate with God, your life will change, will everyday be sunny, no, but there will be a peace that will not be disturb because you are link through pray with the source of the Universe and that is the miracle of prayer.