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Love is All you Need



636060504413806014-19738342_Love-Wallpapers-HeartsLately things have been feeling a bit tense. There are a lot of negative vibrations within the universe and it seems that it just doesn’t stop. No matter where you turn someone is saying something harsh. So as I begin to pray and ask what can we do about all this hatred and anger, my Angels said to me love..

So because I have heard this from them many of times before, I ask but what if love is not enough this time? There was silence. Martha came forth and said “love is always enough but some people never truly experience love, they think they love, they say they love but they never truly experience unconditional love. The love that needs no words to be felt is the love that heals and with this love the world can heal and be repaired.”

Needless to say I was amazed (as I always am when my Angels come through) and I begin to think about the countless people who come to me to receive messages from their loved ones who have passed over, messages of love and how this love transformed them right before my eyes, or how a child is born and the moment the mother holds it, the bond is strong without a word. That’s love.

This is the kind of love the world needs now and the only way the world can receive it is if we all lower our guards down and open our hearts. Before you speak, before you act, think about what would love do? How would you treat and react to someone you truly love? Ask yourself in order to handle this situation in Love what should I do? What should I say? Before you react, breathe and ask the Angels of love to surround you so you may react in love. We have had enough of the harsh hatred, it is time to sow in Love. Stand with me in Love today..
With Extreme Love


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Q& A Friday


It’s Q& A Friday!! I get a lot of questions from you guys and I wish I could answer them all. The number one question I get is how do I know if I have a gift. So I thought that for4 the next 4 weeks I would answer your questions via video.. So if you have questions about all things spiritual send them to fran@angelswithfran.org

The Miracle of New Orleans


Many of you may know that my family hails from New Orleans. So last week I went home for graduations, marriages, and just fun. This is my first time back since hurricane Katrina in 2005 so it was a bit different for me. Being there this time felt so different and I took away some very valuable lessons from this trip. Watching my family being so happy after such a terrible lost was huge for me, I mean they lost everything, but my Aunties were still happy, and giving God the thanks for restoring them, they didn’t want to talk about it much and when it did come up they said ” that’s the past we are excited about right now and going further.” When I tried to cry and feel sorry for them, for myself , for the lost of childhood memories, etc. They told me ” Dont waste your tears, it is over and done with there is nothing you can do to change it.

Now let me break these lessons down for you:

1) As long as your still here you have a reason to be happy, everyday of your life is a moment that you can find joy in, by doing so you invite more joy into your life.

2) Give thanks anyway, even if you are not where you want to be, not where  you could be, not where you want to be give thanks on your day there. You don’t have to look to far to find things to be thankful for. If you need help start with the eyes you are using to read this blog:)

3) Let go of the past, there is nothing there for you, if there was it would be part of your future. Release things that don’t serve your highest purpose and move on. Accept that part of your journey is over and God has got great things in store for your now.

Everyday of your life is a miracle, stop, breathe and give thanks:)

Mucho Love,



Detoxing Your Life



Everybody is talking about detoxing their  bodies. Juicing, cleansing etc.  Some people are willing to do anything to get the perfect body. They have surgery, injections, work out like crazy.  They sacrifice and do whatever it takes to look as perfect as they can. Do we ever think of detoxing our lives, clearing and cleaning out out minds of negativity?  If you are holding on to anger, hurt, or the past, you may need to consider detoxing your spirit. I know that many of you will ask, how do I do that? Take inventory of those friends and family members that poison our lives with drama and madness? Why is it that we will do whatever we have to do for our outer appearance but we forget our spirit?

Look at what’s working and whats not? What makes you feel great, what makes you happy? Do you have people or things in your life that are hindering your spiritual growth?  If you are feeling trapped in relationships and places that don’t promote your highest good, its time for a detox  your life.

The Miracles of 2014


This year has been a very interesting year. I suffered the loss of my mom and felt as if I could no longer go on this journey because she was a very big part of my spiritual backbone.

So that started the process of self discovery for me. I had to dig my heels in and pray. I had to seek God without pause. I had so many questions that I was given the answers to in the silence.

The biggest Miracle that I experienced this year was the miracle of surrender. I learned that I have no control over the outcome and that once I lay my intentions at God’s feet they are in his hands and I need to step back.

Even though I will never understand the mysteries of God, I understand that his timing is perfect and everything is in Divine Order as long as you allow.

Mucho love and many,many Miracles in 2015!!