Martha Speaks


August 14, 2016.

That’s the day my life changed. That’s the day Martha spoke to me.

I’ll never forget the feeling I had when I heard her voice, how I was blanketed with unconditional love. How I felt—at long last—peace.

To truly understand how important this was to me, I have to admit that I’d been empty for some time. I felt alone. My Angels weren’t talking to me. I was disconnected and craving instruction from God so deeply that I begged and pleaded for answers.

Those answers didn’t come.

So I prayed. I sat in the stillness of my space and listened.

And then there she was.

“Hello, dear one,” she said. “My name is Martha. I am the forgotten one.”

She told me she was sent to help me through the next phase of my spiritual life. She told me about herself: that she was always so busy doing all the busy work for everyone else that she missed the blessings that had been bestowed upon her. She reminded me that so many beautiful people feel lost and alone. She knows that so many of us have given so much we feel empty and unworthy of love, of light, of blessings.

And she encouraged me to share this with you. She encouraged me to help her help you—to educate and to enlighten all of us on the realms of spirit and higher consciousness. With her guidance, we can reconnect with our highest—and best—self and honor who we are and why we have come forth.

I am so honored to be able to share her with you.

This is your invitation: come meet Martha.

About Martha: Martha is a 3-tier Angelic Being, meaning she is above even the Archangels. Her purpose is to help us reconnect and honor ourselves , especially those of us who feel forgotten, overlooked, and underappreciated.

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Thankfulness and the Bellagio Dancing Waters

Yesterday I was tebellagio-fountains-luck-12aching a class that I have been fortunate enough to teach all over the world. This year has started out amazing for me and it is all about the Fabulous Power of Intentions. I am nothing less then amazed at the move of God in my life. Yesterday on our break we took a walk down to see the fountains at the beautiful hotel that we were staying in and as the the music came on I began to give thanks. As Whitney Houston started singing the Star Spangled Banner and the fountains began to dance, my heart was overwhelmed with amazing joy. I was so thankful for my life, thankful for this opportunity, thankful to be able to stand and look at these fountains, thankful for the people around me, thankful for the move of God within me, just thankful. Tears started to stream down my face. I was overwhelmed with thanksgiving.

What I am trying to say is that you have to be thankful for where you are before you can be thankful for where you are going. You can’t expect the universe to give you more if you don’t appreciate what you have now. When you practice gratitude, it changes the course of your life. It opens new doors and allows you to live an exceptionally wonderful life.

Everyday, every second, miracles occur, take time to notice them and give thanks.