Messages from the other Side


boat-house-192990_1280Today I was doing a house clearing for a client. Clearing a home is like reading the aura & changing the energy of the home or business. I truly enjoy doing these because every home/ business  has a story to tell. Now let me explain, we are all energy so we leave energetic footprints where we go, so when people come and leave your space they leave their stuff behind. There is where I come in. I cleanse homes and offices for people all over the world and some of the things I find simply amaze me. Today was no different.

So back to my story, As I walked into this home there was a complete and total heaviness, it was strange as if something or someone had taken my breathe away. However I continue to work through it, as I approached the kitchen where the home owner was working, her mom enter the room. I ask her where was her mother, she said she has passed on. Bingo, that is who was wanting to speak to her. At this point I ask her did she have a breathing problem? She said yes, she died of lung cancer, at that point her mom began to speak and give her messages of comfort.

Having this gift gives me the ability to connect with people who have past over that have messages for their loved ones, it brings them peace and closure, for that I am so thankful.

With loads of love,

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Angels Speak Weekly Forecast

What the Angels what you know.



Things we can learn from NeNe Leakes


You know I love pop culture just like everyone else and I often get emails that ask me if I do predictions on celebrities and the answer is NO! I don’t do any predictions, however I do look for the takeaway in the journey. Every week this month I am going to share with you the Spiritual Lessons that you can learn from 4 of my favorite celebrities.. Let’s start with my girl NeNe Leakes.Things


New Website & Blog!

Happy Thursday!  I wanted to let everyone know that I will be canceling this blog account at some point in the next year.

I am moving my blog to my new WordPress site & blog at

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Angels Speak Love is Louder


You have to understand that love is the loudest language that we speak, Loving yourself , loving others is an unconditional act of spirit. It is something that is not thought about it is just given because you are connected to the true spirit of God that flows there every part, every vessel, everything that you are. Love is the loudest language. #angelsspeak

Angels Speak


For many years I have heard the voices of Angels. I have used my gift of intuition to help many, many, people on their journey to higher consciousness, self worth, value, and love. Through this process I have help myself by seeking a deeper closer connection to the spirit of God. I actually crave and thirst for his knowledge the knowing that there is something so much greater working then we could ever understand. I am so thankful that I have been chosen as a vessel but I am more thankful that I finally excepted the calling that God has on my life to be a light.. To shine in a world full of darkness and judgement. To stand on purpose and go forth finally realizing what matter is that I answer my souls calling and fulfill my purpose on this earth. I am so thankful for my angels they are wonderfully awesome beings who have guided and directed me through some great changes and some huge challenges. But one thing has stood true even in my worst times they never left me.. I encourage you today to connect with your angels. Get to know them, ask them for help. You will be amazed at what they can and will do in your life.

Morning Message


#angelsspeak message ****As life changes relationships and friendships do as well. You grow, disconnect, reconnect, forgive and release. You understand that not all changes are bad even though some maybe a bit painful. It’s part of the experience of the journey. We are stretch beyond our comfort zones so that are spirits will grow and flourish… God is amazing and never fails. Trust the process.❤❤❤❤