Millionaries in the Bible

Many people that I talk to feel like you have to struggle, be poor, or have very little in order to be in line for the blessings of God. The most recent conversation I had was one when I walked into an event with a designer bag, not thinking anything about it. After I spoke and went out to greet the audience one of the ladies said to me ” Do you think that God is ok with you having that bag?” At first I didn’t know what to say. I am sure that my face was in a state of shock, but I quietly excused myself from the other guests and we stepped aside and I explained to her what I feel everyone should know.

A conceptual look at prosperity with associated words, blue toned.

A conceptual look at prosperity with associated words, blue toned.

1)God does not want you to be poor. (Deut 8v 18) I hear it all the time that the less you have the closer you are to the heart of God and I am here to tell you that is not true. The law of giving and receiving states that what you give you shall receive. If you have nothing to give how can you expect to receive anything. God did not create you to suffer. God wants you to help yourself and help others and it’s hard to do that if you believe you should be broke.

2) Did you know that there are MILLIONAIRES in the bible? Let’s look at a few:






3) I am a big believer in tithing. (Malachi 3v10) I tithe 10-15% of all monies I receive from all sources, gifts, presents, business, any monies that come into my hands I give back to the place where I receive my spiritual food. I can tell you that when I don’t tithe my income slows down. For many years I had a hard time giving my 10%. I just couldn’t imagine God wanting me to give money that I didn’t have to someone who had way more than me. But once I understood the principals of the Law of Circulation and saw it in action, I wanted to give more and more.

4) God has given us the ability to choose. We have free will and we create our life with our spoken word. Whatever you desire in your life with faith and belief is possible. (Proverbs 23v7, Hebrew 11v1 Proverbs 21v5).

So this is what I know for sure: With God all things are possible. I love my life and with prayer, intentions, and faith I have seen miraculous things happen. So don’t be afraid to have more, don’t allow the guilt of what someone else feels keep you locked in the same spot. You have a right to have, do, and be as fabulous as you want. Your life should be an example of what God can do for you if you trust him, if thats a designer bag so be it. Your relationship with God is a personal one. Don’t allow anyone to come between that.

Ask and it is Given! ( Matt 7v7)

Mucho Love,


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