Come on over to my new blog

Hello! I wanted to let everyone know that I will be canceling this blog account at some point in the next year.

I am moving my blog to my new WordPress site & blog at

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4 things you can learn from Adele


This week star is none other than the incomparable Adele. I love, love her!! I DO NOT do celebrity predictions. This is just what I believe that we can learn from her about elevating our lives and embracing our power. Enjoy!!!!

Take God out of the Box

10 Plagues, 10 Commandments! Learning to completely trust in your higher power can sometimes be a challenge because we look at what is right in front of us. In this video I talk about how to connect to the real Source of all power.

Things we can learn from NeNe Leakes


You know I love pop culture just like everyone else and I often get emails that ask me if I do predictions on celebrities and the answer is NO! I don’t do any predictions, however I do look for the takeaway in the journey. Every week this month I am going to share with you the Spiritual Lessons that you can learn from 4 of my favorite celebrities.. Let’s start with my girl NeNe Leakes.Things