Morning Message


#angelsspeak message ****As life changes relationships and friendships do as well. You grow, disconnect, reconnect, forgive and release. You understand that not all changes are bad even though some maybe a bit painful. It’s part of the experience of the journey. We are stretch beyond our comfort zones so that are spirits will grow and flourish… God is amazing and never fails. Trust the process.❤❤❤❤


Morning Message

I choose***** Morning Angel Message***** No matter where you are in your journey, even if it’s uncomfortable, God is moving. Choose to live in faith, Know that there is Divine purpose for your life and everything that is in your highest Good shall come forth. Choose to think of things above, choose to trust that the love of God is unconditional and that it will never fail. Once you surrender to the flow and allow yourself to be lead by the Divine Spirit of infinite wisdom you will be all that you were sent forth to be. You are so loved…. Be blessed ‪#‎angelsspeak‬

Message from the Divine

Monday Morning Message: Last night as I was driving home from my son’s basketball game, the angels begin to speak, this is the message:
In life we come forth for a purpose, Everything that we are and will be is part of your Soul’s Blueprint. A blue print that is established before you come to this earth plane. One that your have made with your Higher Self( your spirit). We are given our life assignments however, we are also given FREE WILL. Because God loves us so much he gives us the gift of choice and by those choices we change our blueprint… Sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. The lesson here is that no matter where you are in this earthly life you are still spiritually connected to the Divine Source of the Universe. God… and at any time on this earthly journey that you are not satisfied or happy it is your Soul calling you back to your true and Divine purpose on this planet. You may have to release somethings, some people or even the way you are thinking. However you can realign yourself with your Soul’s purpose and get back on track… It is never too late.. May the love of God surround you this day…
Mucho Love,

You are worthy of God’s Blessings

Have you ever had one of those days when you just feel like nothing is going right and you don’t deserve to have anything good in your life? Been there done that.This weeks messages is that you are so worthy and the moment your realize that the Universe will make leaps and bounds to make sure you have the desires of your heart.

Mucho Love,


God is the Source

Manifest notes1

Everyone wants something better in life, we want to live the life that we are created to live. The problem is that we are trying everything to get there but the right thing. I tell my clients constantly there is only one Source and that Source is God. There is no way around it. If you want to create your life and manifest infinite possibilities then you must connect to the Source of the Universe. God….. Happy Sunday ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤