Claiming it


We all want a better life many of us  just have no ideal on how to get a breakthrough. God tell us to ask, believe and receive, however we receive according to our faith and we must be in connected enough to understand what we are being lead to do. I have found that affirming, declaring and claiming things in my life as if they have already arrived is a great way to shift your consciousness, as well as opening the space for allowing.

I’m gonna share with you a few of my favorite,  affirmations, mantras, mini prayers, etc. Take what you need, Use what feels good to your soul, because truly what makes your heart sing is good for your soul.


Thank you God for another day.. Thank you for the angels and saints who assist me daily on my journey..

All that I need is provided.. My life is blossoming in total perfection..

Everyday in every way I am growing..    I am a Child of God in whom he is well pleased.. Today is a great day

I receive so therefore I give.. I love to give.. All that I do I do with great love.. I am a being of Light..

I attract right relationships.. I am blessed, guided, protected and spiritually in tune.. My children are guided, guarded and protected by a ban of mighty angels..

Angels please help me today.. I am healthy, happy and whole.. Everyday  of my life is a miracle..

I walk on purpose in my purpose, for a purpose..  I am Happy.. Peace is within my walls and prosperity in my palace..

I turn over all things to God and I give thanks for the perfect outcome..

It is my divine birthright to be prosperous..


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Mucho Love,

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