Every since May 1st 11:11 has been the numbers I have seen. The Angels were surrounding me(which they always do) but this time to give me comfort. April was bitter sweet, one year anniversary of my Madear death and losing my best friend.  Spirit has a way of doing things to make you take notice and depend on them. As horrible of a month it was I know that spiritually I am being elevated to the next level. A level of trusting my Angels to guide and comfort me. A level of faith. Losing someone is difficult but truly our rewards are not here, we are only here to further the cause of the universe and in doing so we have to release and allow things to flow. Thank you Angels for always being with me and thank you for letting your presence be known, I sure need you 😇 #thankful #grateful #messenger #universe #flow #allow #grace #faith #1111 #Angels #purpose #higherconsciouness #calling


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