The Miracle of Finding Real Love


I have noticed that lately a lot of my clients both male and female are  saying that it is hard to find true, real, non superficial love.

Now I have to tell you that for more years of my adult life I experience lower level love. Meaning that I was in relationships just for the sake of being in a relationship. Just to be able to say “Girl I gots a man.” Let me tell you that taking a piece of a relationship is just like not having one at all. In other words settling so that you can be coupled up is a no, no.  I can tell you I deeply and truly understand that longing for a true, deep, spiritual, passionate love. That is one of the reason that I can help my clients through the process of finding real true love as well as the wonderful information that I received from spirit as I was going through my own personal quest and now I’m gonna share some of that with you. Let’s Go!


1) Falling in love with who you are is the first step, every curve, every imperfection, every flaw. Truly loving yourself means that you have connected to the love of the Divine within you. When you are in love with yourself it doesn’t make you conceited, actually the opposite happens, you shine and you radiate love in its purest form, spiritual love.

2) Real love is not surface love, real love sees the real you , your soul. Real love conquers , it soothes , guides and protects. It doesn’t make you feel like you need to go lose 10 pounds, be taller, prettier, you get where I’m going here? Love enhances the spirit, it makes you feel good about you, all of you even the crap. And you know what else, love helps you heal the crap.

3) Good love is a healer, it is a purifier, like fire in your soul, it lifts you and makes you want to be better. It gives you the strength to do wonderful things in the world because love has your back. Love makes you forget past scars.

4) Love teaches, it teaches you to be accepting of others flaws, it teaches you to be vulnerable, it teaches you that as different as we all are, we are the same. Good love is a great teacher.

5) Love is a gift, it is free, you don’t have to buy it, earn it, beg for it. Love is yours because you are worthy of it and once you realize your worth you won’t settle for any other kind of love. You won’t settle because you don’t have to and you will attract the right love.


Those are just a few of the things that I learned on mUnknown-1y journey to Love, it was tough for me but well worth it. I know can testify that love is the greatest gift.

Want more? Check out my book, Love According to the Angels

Mucho Love,


One thought on “The Miracle of Finding Real Love

  1. Fantastic article. LOVE how you wrote that loving yourself is important, and this was my first step. Upon leaving an abusive marriage I wrote a “soul mate spec sheet.” I decided I would rather be alone than live a life with somebody who didn’t meet my expectations again. With a month I truly did find my soul mate — on Craigslist!! We have been together for almost five years and have been married for three.

    Continue doing what you do, and sharing the secrets of love with those who need to know them.

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