Claiming it


We all want a better life many of us  just have no ideal on how to get a breakthrough. God tell us to ask, believe and receive, however we receive according to our faith and we must be in connected enough to understand what we are being lead to do. I have found that affirming, declaring and claiming things in my life as if they have already arrived is a great way to shift your consciousness, as well as opening the space for allowing.

I’m gonna share with you a few of my favorite,  affirmations, mantras, mini prayers, etc. Take what you need, Use what feels good to your soul, because truly what makes your heart sing is good for your soul.


Thank you God for another day.. Thank you for the angels and saints who assist me daily on my journey..

All that I need is provided.. My life is blossoming in total perfection..

Everyday in every way I am growing..    I am a Child of God in whom he is well pleased.. Today is a great day

I receive so therefore I give.. I love to give.. All that I do I do with great love.. I am a being of Light..

I attract right relationships.. I am blessed, guided, protected and spiritually in tune.. My children are guided, guarded and protected by a ban of mighty angels..

Angels please help me today.. I am healthy, happy and whole.. Everyday  of my life is a miracle..

I walk on purpose in my purpose, for a purpose..  I am Happy.. Peace is within my walls and prosperity in my palace..

I turn over all things to God and I give thanks for the perfect outcome..

It is my divine birthright to be prosperous..


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Mucho Love,

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The Miracle of New Orleans


Many of you may know that my family hails from New Orleans. So last week I went home for graduations, marriages, and just fun. This is my first time back since hurricane Katrina in 2005 so it was a bit different for me. Being there this time felt so different and I took away some very valuable lessons from this trip. Watching my family being so happy after such a terrible lost was huge for me, I mean they lost everything, but my Aunties were still happy, and giving God the thanks for restoring them, they didn’t want to talk about it much and when it did come up they said ” that’s the past we are excited about right now and going further.” When I tried to cry and feel sorry for them, for myself , for the lost of childhood memories, etc. They told me ” Dont waste your tears, it is over and done with there is nothing you can do to change it.

Now let me break these lessons down for you:

1) As long as your still here you have a reason to be happy, everyday of your life is a moment that you can find joy in, by doing so you invite more joy into your life.

2) Give thanks anyway, even if you are not where you want to be, not where  you could be, not where you want to be give thanks on your day there. You don’t have to look to far to find things to be thankful for. If you need help start with the eyes you are using to read this blog:)

3) Let go of the past, there is nothing there for you, if there was it would be part of your future. Release things that don’t serve your highest purpose and move on. Accept that part of your journey is over and God has got great things in store for your now.

Everyday of your life is a miracle, stop, breathe and give thanks:)

Mucho Love,


Detoxing Your Life



Everybody is talking about detoxing their  bodies. Juicing, cleansing etc.  Some people are willing to do anything to get the perfect body. They have surgery, injections, work out like crazy.  They sacrifice and do whatever it takes to look as perfect as they can. Do we ever think of detoxing our lives, clearing and cleaning out out minds of negativity?  If you are holding on to anger, hurt, or the past, you may need to consider detoxing your spirit. I know that many of you will ask, how do I do that? Take inventory of those friends and family members that poison our lives with drama and madness? Why is it that we will do whatever we have to do for our outer appearance but we forget our spirit?

Look at what’s working and whats not? What makes you feel great, what makes you happy? Do you have people or things in your life that are hindering your spiritual growth?  If you are feeling trapped in relationships and places that don’t promote your highest good, its time for a detox  your life.

The Miracle of Choices

Tgood-choice-bad-choicehis morning as I was praying I received a message…. Sharing…. Life is full of choices we have unlimited choices good ones, bad ones. Our lives are made of our choices. God has instill a power within you that allows your spoken word to manifest and your thoughts to become things. As you speak, as you think,you become. We can’t point fingers at other people for the choices that we make and no one has the right to chose for you. Make the most of the free will that you have been given. Angels are dispatched on spoken word, their job is to assist you in this life, your life, your wonderful life. Claim that, speak it!

#Angels Speak


Life as we now know it is shifting, the shift begin 3 years ago. It was mild but for those who are awake it was felt in the core of your spirit. Life is now changing and Spirit is assigning work to the beings of light to those who were sent to complete the work of this transformation. If you look around you, it is almost as if you are being ask to chose. To awaken are remind sleep. The levels of consciousness on all realms are excelling at rates that are almost impossible for the human mind to conceive. For those who are awake and are operating in the gifts of the spirit, for those who are teaching, healing, loving , the messageners it is time for you to ground yourself in your connection with the Divine and speak up. Speak the truth that you are given from Spirit and raise the awareness of the world. The time is now.



Every since May 1st 11:11 has been the numbers I have seen. The Angels were surrounding me(which they always do) but this time to give me comfort. April was bitter sweet, one year anniversary of my Madear death and losing my best friend.  Spirit has a way of doing things to make you take notice and depend on them. As horrible of a month it was I know that spiritually I am being elevated to the next level. A level of trusting my Angels to guide and comfort me. A level of faith. Losing someone is difficult but truly our rewards are not here, we are only here to further the cause of the universe and in doing so we have to release and allow things to flow. Thank you Angels for always being with me and thank you for letting your presence be known, I sure need you 😇 #thankful #grateful #messenger #universe #flow #allow #grace #faith #1111 #Angels #purpose #higherconsciouness #calling


The Miracle of Finding Real Love


I have noticed that lately a lot of my clients both male and female are  saying that it is hard to find true, real, non superficial love.

Now I have to tell you that for more years of my adult life I experience lower level love. Meaning that I was in relationships just for the sake of being in a relationship. Just to be able to say “Girl I gots a man.” Let me tell you that taking a piece of a relationship is just like not having one at all. In other words settling so that you can be coupled up is a no, no.  I can tell you I deeply and truly understand that longing for a true, deep, spiritual, passionate love. That is one of the reason that I can help my clients through the process of finding real true love as well as the wonderful information that I received from spirit as I was going through my own personal quest and now I’m gonna share some of that with you. Let’s Go!


1) Falling in love with who you are is the first step, every curve, every imperfection, every flaw. Truly loving yourself means that you have connected to the love of the Divine within you. When you are in love with yourself it doesn’t make you conceited, actually the opposite happens, you shine and you radiate love in its purest form, spiritual love.

2) Real love is not surface love, real love sees the real you , your soul. Real love conquers , it soothes , guides and protects. It doesn’t make you feel like you need to go lose 10 pounds, be taller, prettier, you get where I’m going here? Love enhances the spirit, it makes you feel good about you, all of you even the crap. And you know what else, love helps you heal the crap.

3) Good love is a healer, it is a purifier, like fire in your soul, it lifts you and makes you want to be better. It gives you the strength to do wonderful things in the world because love has your back. Love makes you forget past scars.

4) Love teaches, it teaches you to be accepting of others flaws, it teaches you to be vulnerable, it teaches you that as different as we all are, we are the same. Good love is a great teacher.

5) Love is a gift, it is free, you don’t have to buy it, earn it, beg for it. Love is yours because you are worthy of it and once you realize your worth you won’t settle for any other kind of love. You won’t settle because you don’t have to and you will attract the right love.


Those are just a few of the things that I learned on mUnknown-1y journey to Love, it was tough for me but well worth it. I know can testify that love is the greatest gift.

Want more? Check out my book, Love According to the Angels

Mucho Love,