The Miracle of Letting Go


Lately I have had some very interesting things happen in my life.  I’m getting really good at letting go of the outcome to things in my life. Learning to trust that  Spirit is  on my side. (i.e.: God, your angels, the Universe, etc)   Learning to let go is essential in Spiritual growth. It teaches you to lean on your Higher Power and not on your reality. I have been praying for  God to increase my faith. Many  of you may have heard me say that I have crazy faith, which means that I believe that with God all things are possible. However I am very human and sometimes I wonder, “why, where, what, and how”.  Here’s the real deal .. None of that is in my control and it’s not my business, I have one job to do, Ask, Believe and Receive. 

Once I realized that when I ask Spirit for what I want it is no longer in my control, the more peace I got. The happier I was and more quickly things began to manifest in my life. The key.. Surrender and let go.

Mucho Love,


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