The Gift of Miracles


2014 has proven to be a very interesting year.  I can say that I had many Divine appointments and Divine Meetings. Through affirmations and intentions I co created some pretty cool things. I traveled to wonderful new places, I taught classes all over the world and I met some very interesting people.  One of my intentions was to increase my client base, to go bigger this year, to step out of the box and use all of the gifts that God has given me. So I want to attract more clients, clients that really needed my help and that could help me on my journey…….

Then it happen, in January of 2014 via Twitter I met a reality TV Celebrity. She had been following my post for about a year and decided that she would reach out to me. I was amazed, you see I believe in MIRACLES, I believe that we co create our miracles with God when we look for them, ask for them and expect them.   Long story short we became friends, I traveled to her home and met her friends some of which have became clients.

You see we all have the power to co create our lives, I say co create because i know that God is the creator of my life, but he has given my one of the most powerful gifts I could have, the power of the mind and my connection to his Divine Spirit.

Take God out of the box, Dream Big! Affirm what you want in your life with faith and then watch the MIRACLES occur.

Mucho Love,


P.S, for more teachings make sure you visit and subscribe to my youtube channel. I’m just getting started but I promise it will be GREAT!

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