Why God why?



This morning started off busy.  I had appointments and things to do.

On my way to my appointment. I realized my phone was not working. Oh Lord, after 2 hours on the phone with XYZ company last night and this happens? Are you kidding me?  So I calm myself, I get to my appointment and the whole time I am there I am calm, knowing that things will work out. Praying and thanking God, because I know it will be fine. When I leave it’s still not fine. I call them, they say  the exact  opposite of what they said last night, I think you get the point….

So here I go, ” God I just don’t get it?? I just don’t understand why things like this happen? What is it? What am I doing wrong? This is just not fair, why does this?” On and on…. So after I quiet down I hear ” In life there are things that you have to go through, things you have to learn for the choices you make. It’s not that am not here. This part of your journey is called an awakening or as you humans call it an “AH HA” moments.” Take what you need from this and leave the rest. It will be alright.”

I walked in the house, still pouting a bit, still confused, yet knowing the mistakes that I made, I finally say” I get it, I need to trust you will all things not just some things, I get it.”

God moves in his timing and his way. Don’t compare your journey to someone else’s. Just Trust God.



I come upstairs in my office to work and I hear my phone……… It’s working…….

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