We all look at other people sometimes  and  think ” I wonder how they did that or I wish that was me.”  We all have things that we want to accomplish in life. The biggest problem that we ran into is that we compare ourselves and our success to the success of others. God has created each of us on purpose for a purpose and has told us that we can have the desires of our hearts, if we keep our eyes on him( Matt 6v33). You never know what is going on or how someone received what they  have but you have the instructions that you need to ensure success, Ask, Believe , Receive” (Matt 21 v 22). Things in your life may not happen in a blink of an eye ( or maybe sometimes they do) but I am telling you that God is always working for you. Don’t worry about what to looks like now, focus on what it will be like, act as if, give thanks as if you have the grandest life in the world. God honors your visions if you honor him.

Mucho Love,



2 thoughts on “Miracles

  1. Thank you so much for this Inspiring message! My sweet husband departed this earth 27 years ago. Four years ago I met a man who I thought would be with me till our dying day. Four months ago he decided he was not “in love” with me. This has been extremely sad and painful for me. Your message today gives me hope, knowing that God is going to provide for me and help me move pass my pain! I may be 72 years old, but I am not giving up on finding that person that He has for me! Luv U Fran!

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