The Miracle Daniel


This week I have been reading the book of Daniel. Now I have read this book many of times before and every time I take away something different. So this time I thought I would share. Daniel was one of the greatest prophets in the bible, God has blessed him with great wisdom.   In Daniel the 4th chapter, the King had a dream, He was troubled by those dreams and he called Daniel to interpreted them for him. Now he know the type of God that Daniel served, a mighty, powerful, awesome, wonderful God, but yet he refused to acknowledge him. Even after Daniel told this guy that he would lose everything, wonder around like a wild animal , eat grass with the cows…… This guy still refused to serve the Great and Almighty God….  So it happen and for 7 years he lost everything.. The minute he turned to God, he restored him…..

What am I trying to say ….

There are so many times in our lives that God will give us the “warning” he will give us the signs and we just chose to act like we don’t hear or we don’t know. So then he shows us. But he is so graceful the minute we say” I’m sorry, forgive me” he restores us. What a great and awesome Father we have!!!

Provebs 3 v 6

This morning Proverbs 3v6 kept coming to me so I ask what do you want me to say about this scripture? Here is the message. So many times we run here and there trying to fix it. We take are problems and we blow them up. The truth is that everything that is happening or has happen in your life is part of your journey. The more things we experience the more experience we have correct? The moral of the story is trust God, he is a way maker, healer of the hearts and the ultimate fixer. We may never understand his ways but trust his wisdom. There is nothing going on in your life that is impossible to correct, for nothing is impossible with God. Mucho love❤️


What if?



We all live in a world that is full of wonders and miracles. We can co create with the universe anything that our hearts desire, if we have faith. The problem lies in the obstacles that we encounter when we stop believing, stop believing in God, stop believing in the divine order of the universe stop believing in miracles, stop believing in ourselves. We are made in the imagine and likeness of God, He created us to be all that we can and all that we want if, we trust in his goodness and have faith…


What if we could all stand on that faith, believe in miracles and co create love, peace, and happiness for the whole world.

What if…….