The Miracle of Dreams



When I was little, I always wanted to be famous. A singer, actress, someone rich. I don’t think that I was really that far off from other girls in my era. I use to sing and dance and pretend that I was on stage. When I would tell people about my dreams this is what i would hear. “You are trying to live beyond your means” “That will never happen” ” How are you gonna do that?” So my dreams would be crushed for that day, but the next day I was back at it.  Once I became a spiritualist and begin to study the laws of the universe and the word of God, I began to realize that sometimes you have to hold your dreams close to you. You have to keep them between you and spirit. You have to treasure your dreams, live in your dreams and most importantly expect your dreams. No one knows what dream God has placed in you heart, but once you real ease it to those who may not be dreamers you leave room for them to crush it.

As I grew up my dreams changed, I had a very different vision for myself and I began to embrace God’s vision for my life and I can truly tell you I am living my dreams and you can to.


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The Miracle of Understanding


Lately I haven’t felt  much like writing, I suffered a major lost in my family and I have been feeling like it was incredibly hard to breath. I felt like something was miss and my chest felt as though I was having an mild heart attack. The person that I lost was my lifeline, someone whom I’ve always had and no matter what was there for me. Loved me unconditionally and without judgement. Taught me the meaning of strength, faith and trust in God. Everything I know about this wonderful world of sprint I learned from this person. The woman that I am I owe to this person and now she is gone.

I struggled with decision, “do I let her go”, “do I hold on to her?”” Is she ready to go or not?” “Why did I find her like that?” Why, Why, Why? I was really very tormented in my mind.

But then there came a peace, this woman whom I loved so much had lived a long wonderful life, a life of faith and trust that God would move no after what the situation. That if you believed in him he would do the very best for you. She understood God’s will, and that his will is to give us the desires of our hearts or something better. She understood that his will would be done and where we may not understand it when it is happening that if we search for understanding that it would surely come. She understood, today I can say that I understand that God makes not mistakes and that even in the moist of out trials and tribulation he is there guiding us through if we allow him. Today I have the miracle of understanding.