Be You


You are made for a purpose a journey that only you can fulfill. One that God created you for and this world needs you for. Don’t try to change who you are to fit the mold of what someone else says you should be. Follow your path, walk in your light, embrace your uniqueness and be who God created you to be, for you are truly wonderfully and beautifully made. Much Love Fran #awf

The Miracle of God’s Love Part2


There are so many times in our lives that we look at things and think,”This is bad.” We allow our minds to wondering and we create the absolute worst picture ever! “What if this happens”, “what if that happens”, “I’m gonna do this.” We have all done this before, we go to the worst place instead of knowing that whatever lays ahead of us God is in the mist of it. That there is nothing that can happen in our lives without his permission. I remember thinking” Why is this happening?” Why would you allow me to go through this?’ But now looking back over my life and the things that I did go through I realize that what the enemy actually meant for my harm, God meant for my good, because he loves me and all things are made perfect in his love.




The miracle of having no fear







I could go into a long list of why you should not fear, but I would rather tell you why you should have faith: The eyes that you are using right now, were given to you by God, maybe you need glasses but you can still see right? My point is you may have no ideal how it is going to work. You may feel like you are in quicksand right now and your world is crumbling. Don’t panic, trust God by simply telling him “I trust you” shows you have faith. All you need is a little:) #nofearfridays #awf