The Miracle of the Spirit moving within me

Today I had the pleasure of working with a lady in Chicago, we had done things over the phone but I was able to see her this week. As I prepared for the session, my spirit felt sad, I felt as if my angels were pacing…

As she came in the room I saw all these people walking behind her, she sat down, I gave her my disclaimer and we began. The first person that came to her was her grandson, who had recently past over. He told her that her life was not over because she had lost so many people but that she was to stay here and continue to be the light for those that were left. That she had work to do and that she had the power to save those that were still here.

She begin to cry and ask Why, Why have I lost so many love ones why.

Her angels came forth and told her that we all have free will and choices, that sometimes people make choices and there will never be a human understanding about why. But because we are loved so dearly we have been given the ability to chose.

She looked at me, she said I had a dream last night, I heard those same words…

You see your angels love you!! They love you and they want to come and help you, but sometimes we get so busy worrying, crying and trying that we miss it. If you are in need ask your angels to help you or to send someone to help. 

I am thankful!!!

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