Bless all you have and have not

I love to listen to books on Cd’s  as I drive and today I was listening to The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder.I love this book because it takes me back to the principles that I sometimes forget in the hustle and bustle of life. My favorite thing that she talks about is blessing what you have and what you expect. She even speaks of the joy in paying your bills by blessing them with this statement:” I give thanks for your immediate and complete payment. You are immediately and completely paid through rich avenues of Divine Substances.” Catherine goes on to tell how writing this on your bills as you prepare to pay them will bring unexpected miracles.
I was overwhelmed one day when I first lost my job and was looking at everything that needed to be paid, so I tried it. I began to write this on my bills and give thanks for everything, lights, gas and water, and much to my surprise…  Everything got paid and I had some left over!.
So now when I receive a bill I give thanks that I have a home in which I have a  bill that will be paid.. I say a prayer of gratitude before I pay anything. Any monies that I receive I take my 10% tithe out, bless it and keep it  moving.( The Law of Circulation)
Just saying thank you works a world of wonder!!!! Try this method you will not be disappointed.
Tell me what do you bless?

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