God.. Priority or Option




This morning on the pray line( we do prayer every morning at 5:45am) we were chatting about how people have ask us to record the call because it is so early. Now I may lose followers after this post and I hope that you will still love me but I have to give you what spirit gave me. Some of us are so busy chasing, chasing things that mean us no good, looking for things in people that we should be looking to God for. We can get up for “Black Friday” or an event on television but we can’t make time to get up and be in the presence of God? I don’t understand that, it is not about this prayer call it is about God period. You have to make time to build and develop your relationship with spirit. We we call God we want him right here, right now, but we don’t want to seek him. We are not entitled to what God does for us, he does it because he loves us, love him enough to spend time with him.  God is not an option, if you want you best and grandest life, God has got to be a priority.

I say this with the utmost love and respect, because there was a time when God was not a priority for me and my life failed in comparison to what to is now. Priorities is the word of the day.


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