Choose your side


Everyday of your life you have the chance to chose. You can chose how your day will be, who you will attract, even how successful you will be. Yet there are so many people that feel powerless. You want a great life, with lots of love and wonderful friendships but there are not appearing. You are applying everything that you have ever read, heard and even the things that people have told you to do but nothing is happening. The reason for this is that you have left out one key ingredient and it is called Faith. No matter what you know, if you don’t have faith that it is going to happen then you are on the Fear side of the road.

This walk of life contains 2 sides of the road, the Faith side is the side where all things are possible , everything that you can believe you can achieve, Faith is where the Universe literally opens up and says” What do you want?’ Faith is the evidence of things unseen, Faith tells you “YES YOU CAN” when in reality all you see are closed doors, Faith says “Hold on, we are working on it.

The fear side of the road tells you that “you can’t” ” that is impossible” “what will people say” “no one is gonna do that” ” You can’t find love” “why you?’. Fear is FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL!!

So when it comes to having the life you desire, chose a side… I chose FAITH..

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