Lesson in Forgiveness

Sometimes we think that we are over and done with things, things in or lives, heart, minds and souls.But suddenly when we come to one of lives little road block we realize that there is something still there that is keeping us from going forward, maybe a bit of unforgiveness. This can be toward someone, something or yourself. So I suggest that when you come up against a wall that you have done everything in your power to move that you then search your heart and see if in it lies some unforgiveness.

This is what I use:

Divine Spirit that dwells within me, I ask that you search my heart.I ask for forgiveness of myself for___________, I forgive ________________ for, if I have offended anyone knowing or unknown, please forgive. Help me to release all forgivness for ________________ any unknown or buried unforgivness I may have for_______________________. I know that I am one with the Spirit of God that dwells in my life and as I move through this life to my highest good I ask that you help me o release all past, present and future unforgiveness. At this moment I forgive and am forgiven.

So be it so it is.

Feel free to us this are any prayer of forgiveness so that you can begin to excel and live your best life ever.

Many Blessings,

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