Prayers in Storage

Today as I was in my quiet time, I was given a message that I was told to share. You know how we always pray and affirm things for other people” I want him to love me more, I want him to have a better job, I want her to look better” on and on. We pray and affirm for the ones we love and sometimes the ones we don’t. But what we fail to realize is that we all have free will to do whatever we want. So every time we pray, God and the angels symbolically put those request in storage, until that person we are praying for says” OK I am ready to change.” Then God says, “OK you know that box of prayers, affirmations and such that we have in storage for _______, get those it is time they are ready.”So no matter how you pray and affirm for someone, they have to want it for themselves.We can however change ourselvesBe Blessed!

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