The Miracle of Forgiveness


Have you ever walked around pissed off about something that happen to you months or maybe even years ago? Every time something comes up to remind you, you get mad. You maybe mad at someone who has no ideal that you are angry, but even if they knew, they wouldn’t care.  Harboring unforgiveness, takes away your power, it steals your joy and makes you miserable. You know how I know? For many years I was the angry one, I was known as the ” Mad Black Woman” everything pissed me off, and I would let you know it. In all reality I was hurt and mad at someone who had been in my life, that I felt did me wrong. They were living their life, have fun and I was mad. 

One day I was praying and I heard, ” the only person that you are hurting with this anger is you, you are not only hurting yourself, you are inviting more anger into your life, for you attract what you are.” At that point I was on a mission to fix it, I read everything I could about forgiveness, I offer forgiveness everyday, not only to myself but to those I felt had hurt me and I affirmed. “ I forgive and therefore I am forgiven”

One day I remember feeling peace, this peace was different than anything I had every experience before, it was the peace of God. I had finally let it go. What a wonderful feeling.

If you have unforgiveness in your heart, release it. Make a effort daily to give it to God so that he can restore your peace.


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