God.. Priority or Option




This morning on the pray line( we do prayer every morning at 5:45am) we were chatting about how people have ask us to record the call because it is so early. Now I may lose followers after this post and I hope that you will still love me but I have to give you what spirit gave me. Some of us are so busy chasing, chasing things that mean us no good, looking for things in people that we should be looking to God for. We can get up for “Black Friday” or an event on television but we can’t make time to get up and be in the presence of God? I don’t understand that, it is not about this prayer call it is about God period. You have to make time to build and develop your relationship with spirit. We we call God we want him right here, right now, but we don’t want to seek him. We are not entitled to what God does for us, he does it because he loves us, love him enough to spend time with him.  God is not an option, if you want you best and grandest life, God has got to be a priority.

I say this with the utmost love and respect, because there was a time when God was not a priority for me and my life failed in comparison to what to is now. Priorities is the word of the day.


The Miracles of Speaking it


Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite affirmations. Affirmations are a great way to give your spirit a boost, it is like having a reserve gas tank, so when you are running low your consciousness  kicks in and helps you out. Remember what you put in your spirit comes out your mouth. Choose wisely:

“I am a child of God in whom he is well pleased”

“My children are happy , healthy , whole, and blessed”

“I give thanks that I am the ever renewing, the ever unfolding expression of infinite life, health, and energy.” 

“Let there be peace within my walls and prosperity within my palaces.” 

“I give thanks for ever increasing health, youth and beauty.” 

“I am the radiant child of God, my mind, body and affairs now express his radiant perfection.”

“I give thanks that I am now rich, well and happy and that my financial affairs are in divine order. Every day in every way I am growing richer and richer.”

” I am happy , healthy and whole”

” I am worthy”

I am at the right place, at the right time”

“I am successful”

” I ask and it is GIVEN”

“I am in a loving, caring, wonderful relationship with a great partner. We are one”

“I am love”

Feel free to use these, change them or just pick one that resonates with you. I will guarantee you are using a affirmation for a week, without fail you will see a difference in how you feel. Try it!

Choose your side


Everyday of your life you have the chance to chose. You can chose how your day will be, who you will attract, even how successful you will be. Yet there are so many people that feel powerless. You want a great life, with lots of love and wonderful friendships but there are not appearing. You are applying everything that you have ever read, heard and even the things that people have told you to do but nothing is happening. The reason for this is that you have left out one key ingredient and it is called Faith. No matter what you know, if you don’t have faith that it is going to happen then you are on the Fear side of the road.

This walk of life contains 2 sides of the road, the Faith side is the side where all things are possible , everything that you can believe you can achieve, Faith is where the Universe literally opens up and says” What do you want?’ Faith is the evidence of things unseen, Faith tells you “YES YOU CAN” when in reality all you see are closed doors, Faith says “Hold on, we are working on it.

The fear side of the road tells you that “you can’t” ” that is impossible” “what will people say” “no one is gonna do that” ” You can’t find love” “why you?’. Fear is FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL!!

So when it comes to having the life you desire, chose a side… I chose FAITH..

Lesson in Forgiveness

Sometimes we think that we are over and done with things, things in or lives, heart, minds and souls.But suddenly when we come to one of lives little road block we realize that there is something still there that is keeping us from going forward, maybe a bit of unforgiveness. This can be toward someone, something or yourself. So I suggest that when you come up against a wall that you have done everything in your power to move that you then search your heart and see if in it lies some unforgiveness.

This is what I use:

Divine Spirit that dwells within me, I ask that you search my heart.I ask for forgiveness of myself for___________, I forgive ________________ for, if I have offended anyone knowing or unknown, please forgive. Help me to release all forgivness for ________________ any unknown or buried unforgivness I may have for_______________________. I know that I am one with the Spirit of God that dwells in my life and as I move through this life to my highest good I ask that you help me o release all past, present and future unforgiveness. At this moment I forgive and am forgiven.

So be it so it is.

Feel free to us this are any prayer of forgiveness so that you can begin to excel and live your best life ever.

Many Blessings,

Prayers in Storage

Today as I was in my quiet time, I was given a message that I was told to share. You know how we always pray and affirm things for other people” I want him to love me more, I want him to have a better job, I want her to look better” on and on. We pray and affirm for the ones we love and sometimes the ones we don’t. But what we fail to realize is that we all have free will to do whatever we want. So every time we pray, God and the angels symbolically put those request in storage, until that person we are praying for says” OK I am ready to change.” Then God says, “OK you know that box of prayers, affirmations and such that we have in storage for _______, get those it is time they are ready.”So no matter how you pray and affirm for someone, they have to want it for themselves.We can however change ourselvesBe Blessed!

The Miracle of Forgiveness


Have you ever walked around pissed off about something that happen to you months or maybe even years ago? Every time something comes up to remind you, you get mad. You maybe mad at someone who has no ideal that you are angry, but even if they knew, they wouldn’t care.  Harboring unforgiveness, takes away your power, it steals your joy and makes you miserable. You know how I know? For many years I was the angry one, I was known as the ” Mad Black Woman” everything pissed me off, and I would let you know it. In all reality I was hurt and mad at someone who had been in my life, that I felt did me wrong. They were living their life, have fun and I was mad. 

One day I was praying and I heard, ” the only person that you are hurting with this anger is you, you are not only hurting yourself, you are inviting more anger into your life, for you attract what you are.” At that point I was on a mission to fix it, I read everything I could about forgiveness, I offer forgiveness everyday, not only to myself but to those I felt had hurt me and I affirmed. “ I forgive and therefore I am forgiven”

One day I remember feeling peace, this peace was different than anything I had every experience before, it was the peace of God. I had finally let it go. What a wonderful feeling.

If you have unforgiveness in your heart, release it. Make a effort daily to give it to God so that he can restore your peace.


The Miracles of Prayer


There are truly some days that I cannot take another thing, not one more thing I tell you! Most of the time I notice that those days occur when I don’t get up early enough to spend  time with God in the morning.  When I look over my life, I realize that it is a result of my prayers, my thoughts, my words. when we chose to see God, serve God, follow God and walk on purpose it doesn’t mean that everything in life will be perfect, but what it does mean is that you will have the resources and the help of heavenly staff. If you began to make your request known, to pray, to communicate with God, your life will change, will everyday be sunny, no, but there will be a peace that will not be disturb because you are link through pray with the source of the Universe and that is the miracle of prayer.


Miracle in Forgiveness

ImageBlessed a home today in which the husband was having an affair, so there was a lot of bitterness and resentment going on although they were trying to work things out. After blessing the house the Angels gave them this message,” Forgiveness is the purest form of love, you either forgive and continue or forgive and move forward apart but you must forgive.” The wife admitted that she had not forgiven her husband. Forgiveness is one of you greatest gifts to you, you take back your power when you forgive and you give yourself permission to be free.