Me and my Angels

Hi my name is Fran, I hear, communicate and talk to Angels…  My life is somewhat different than I had planned, you see I just wanted to be normal, a normal girl doing normal things and living a normal life. That is not what God had planned for me, you see at a very young age, I realized that I knew things about people, I could touch their hands and know their whole life. I was born with an discernment of the spirit, blessed with the gift of sight. Back when I was younger they called it the gift of prophecy, I am an old time spiritualist, living in a new age world. My mom, grandmother and great grandmother all have the gift. I now see it in my 10 year old son and my older daughters are like no way. If you ever seen the movie “Eves Bayou” that is much of what my family was like without the voodoo. My great grandmother was an herbalist, my grandmother was a psalmist and my mom was a spiritual healer. So not only is it in my blood but it was in my life from the time I cam remember. So here I am.

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