The Miracle of being Self Employed





This morning, I was dropping off money for my son at his school and this lady rushed by me in a haste, up to the school secretary she went and said” I need to leave money for my kid, they just called me and I am running late to work!”  My life flashed before my eyes. 10 years ago that was me, I was the woman running in to drop my kids off worrying about how I was gonna do it all and make it to work on time.   As I stood behind her and watched her frantically searching for her wallet, dressed to perfection, I shook in my ugg boots, I look up and said ” Thank you God.” 

You see many years ago when my daughter was small I use to say,” One day I will work for myself, one day I will not be rushing around to punch someones time clock, one day….” Well for the last  7 years I have been living my one day, I remember asking my angels to help me, to allow me to be my own boss, to fix it so that I could do what made me happy and they did exactly that, I am happier than I have ever been. Each and everyday I thank God for my miracle of manifesting self employment. 


Your Words Have Power!

Many Blessings,


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