2013 in Review

My goodness, so many wonderful things happen to me this year, I don’t even know where to start but I will just break this into a couple of post, I have manifested so much travel this year, I love to travel and I  was able to do some wonderful things.


I am so thankful I went to places I have never been like Boston, Ma, Rockford , IL Chicago IL. I was able to go back to place I love Montego Bay, Ja( I was able to stay in a resort for 10 days for free), Orlando, FL, Houston, TX, Las Vegas, NV.


 I was able to see someone I love in concert, I got my dream car. I know that this may sound a bit like bragging but it’s not what I am telling you is that God is still in the blessing business, he is still allowing miracles to happen in your everyday life. You just have to believe that it is psooble because you truly only get what you believe you will.



God Is


Today I have been feeling like things are about to take a big shift, I feel that Gods is on the verge of doing some wonderful things for those who believe, and have faith. As much as life is changing, I feel that God is about to change the life of people, those people who have held on and trusted that he will do just what he says he will. Whether you recognize it as God, Your Hight Power, Source Energy it is truly all the same for God is the master of the Universe and he is going to open the flood gates. Stay Faithful:)


Today I have been working, I have 65 email session that I am doing and it has been interesting. I remember when I first started using my gift in the little spiritualist church that I was going to shortly after I had my daughter. I would stand up in the front to give messages to people, anyone that my angels would talk to me about , I would talk to. Today tis is my business, reaching out helping those that need a word, a word from spirit, from there Angels. Today this  is my business, my life purpose , my passion. Nothing brings me more joy than when I can receive a message from a loved one or help someone have a deeper sense of peace, It makes it all worth it. So worth it. That is a miracle 🙂

My life is Sooo Blessed!

IMG_2835Returning home today from vacation and a business trip to Sunny Orlando made me realize just how incredibly blessed my life is. I get to do a job I enjoy, travel all over the world to do it, take my family, and help people. How totally awesome is that? I remember saying one day I am going to work for myself, I will make my own hours and I will travel the world. Well that someday is now. I have traveled the world this year to work, I have been to places I have never been before, returned back to places I enjoyed and it has happened because of my prayer life, my belief systems and my connection with God. You see he gives us the most powerful creation tool in the world. our minds, but we have to know how to use it!

Me and my Angels

Hi my name is Fran, I hear, communicate and talk to Angels…  My life is somewhat different than I had planned, you see I just wanted to be normal, a normal girl doing normal things and living a normal life. That is not what God had planned for me, you see at a very young age, I realized that I knew things about people, I could touch their hands and know their whole life. I was born with an discernment of the spirit, blessed with the gift of sight. Back when I was younger they called it the gift of prophecy, I am an old time spiritualist, living in a new age world. My mom, grandmother and great grandmother all have the gift. I now see it in my 10 year old son and my older daughters are like no way. If you ever seen the movie “Eves Bayou” that is much of what my family was like without the voodoo. My great grandmother was an herbalist, my grandmother was a psalmist and my mom was a spiritual healer. So not only is it in my blood but it was in my life from the time I cam remember. So here I am.

The Miracle of being Self Employed





This morning, I was dropping off money for my son at his school and this lady rushed by me in a haste, up to the school secretary she went and said” I need to leave money for my kid, they just called me and I am running late to work!”  My life flashed before my eyes. 10 years ago that was me, I was the woman running in to drop my kids off worrying about how I was gonna do it all and make it to work on time.   As I stood behind her and watched her frantically searching for her wallet, dressed to perfection, I shook in my ugg boots, I look up and said ” Thank you God.” 

You see many years ago when my daughter was small I use to say,” One day I will work for myself, one day I will not be rushing around to punch someones time clock, one day….” Well for the last  7 years I have been living my one day, I remember asking my angels to help me, to allow me to be my own boss, to fix it so that I could do what made me happy and they did exactly that, I am happier than I have ever been. Each and everyday I thank God for my miracle of manifesting self employment. 


Your Words Have Power!

Many Blessings,