Do You have a dream?

I know that many of you have heard the story of Joseph in the bible right? ( Genesis 37 v 1-29) Stay with me here as I try to make this short and sweet. You see Joseph had a dream, he dreamed that he would have a coat of many colors and be a ruler of many nations. He even dreamed that people would bow down to him INCLUDING his brothers. Wonderful dream right? We’ll heres where it goes wrong, Joseph told his dream to his brothers, the dream stealers, they didn’t believe in Joseph or his dream so they sold him into slavery, Joseph dream was deferred because he shared it with people who didn’t believe in his dreams……

We all get excited and we want to share our visions with someone, but the moral of the story here is to find someone who believes in you, with you and for you. Until you can find that you always have this wonderful Universe who would love to help you with your  dreams, Tell God:)


Much Love,


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