Everyday I hear people say that they just don’t get it. I hear people say ” I have been doing this for way to long and nothing has happen.” I am here to tell you that everyday, every second of the day something is happening. If you look over your life I can guarantee you that the life you are now living was created by your thoughts, and words.  Be very grateful that it takes the Universe time to manifest the things you speak, because it gives you a chance to realize rather you truly want it or not.  In my journey I remember saying when my daughter was little that one day I was gonna work for myself, that I would be able to make my own hours, and be at home with my children. Seven years later it has come to past. Depending on what you are feeling or vibrating at the time you are speaking your desires, determine how quickly you shall receive. Daily I take time to write down my intentions, state out loud my I AM’s and visualize what I desire for that day. Try it, take just one day at a time and began to create your life.

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