Full Moon, Blue Moon

 I have to make this post a quick one, because tonight is the full, blue moon. In Native American culture( my mom is part  Cherokee and my dad Choctaw) a story I will have to get into in a later post.  I was taught at an early age how to work by the moons. You can use the moon for healing, rain, manifestation, love, etc. Well tonight is the Full moon, this is a time of powerful release, tonight is a great time to symbolically let go of all those things that no longer serve your highest and best interest. You can simply go outside and stand under the moon and talk to the heavens or you can write it down and burn it if you chose. However you decide to do it, do it tonight. You’ll be glad you did.

To read more about the Blue Moon check this out   http://www.space.com/22404-blue-moon-science-august-full-moon.html 


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