The marriage Spirituality and Science


Many years ago, I remember hearing my Nana say: Thoughts are things and words have power, its in the bible you know the power of life and death is in the tongue.” Well growing up as a teenager who knew what that meant? I was raised in a very strict religious home, you went to confession, you were a sinner and you had to work to earn the love of God.  Until one day I started asking questions, I started seeking for answers, that’s when I learned about spirituality. Spirituality teaches that we are all one with the Divine and NOTHING can separate you from it! I was amazed, I wanted to know more and more, I read, I prayed, I attended spiritual services and I realized that I am a child of God in whom he is well please. Nothing can separate me for the love because we are one.

Well on my quest for knowledge I began to read a lot of books new thought pioneers some of whom had the perfect blend of Spirituality and Science. How could this be? They didn’t go together, at least that is what I thought until I read, Think and Grow Rich, and  The Law of Attraction, which teaches thoughts become things, or when I read Ask, Believe, and Receive, all the things being taught by the scientific minds were also in the bible. I was amazed!! I wanted more and more.

This wonderful Universe was going to get the message across by all means necessary, even if it meant comparing God to a Genie( The Secret Movie) telling you that your wish is my command, if you believe you can have it, anything in this world can be yours. What you must remember is that things manifest in our lives when and only when we are ready for it. How do you get ready you ask?

1) Know what you want and why you want it?

2) Write it down, writing it down plants the seed and it also symbolizes release

3) Give Thanks for it now, as if you already have it

4) Expect Results, Expect with faith

Today I have dedicated my life to raising the prosperity consciousness of any and everyone who will listen. You deserve all the things that this unlimited universe has to offer. Don’t wait, make your request known.


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