Designing your day

I teach a class called ” Designing your day with the power of intentions” this class is one of the most powerful classes that I teach because it supplies you with the tools to create your day. Using intentions and affirmations you align your thoughts and words with the expectancy of great things happening.

So tell me how do you start your day?  As a mom I would just get up and hit the floor running, gotta do this, gotta do that and the list went on. Very rarely was I able to sit down in the silence with a pencil and paper to map out my day. So I was designing by default. What that means is that your day is being created with any help from you so whatever random thoughts you are thinking show up. Not always pleasant. So I decided to design my day, waking up 30 minutes earlier, sitting and intending the things I wanted to happen that day as well as even writing down something that I knew I couldn’t do and giving that list to my Angels. Guess what happen, great things began to appear.

So my questions to you is how are your days designed?


If you would like more information regarding this class or have a one on one session, please contact us @ http://www.angelswithfran,org

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